01 Grab Classy – Mermaid Blanket Large Size 80cm x 180cm ( Light Grey)



Short Description– Mermaid Blanket Large Size 80cm x 180cm (Light Grey)
  • Bored of using regular blankets all day!? Mermaid Blanket is for you if you love to Binge, read or just like to feel like a beautiful mermaid.
  • Breathable material – Acrylic Yarn
  • Super Multi-function for all seasons: Sleeping blanket keeps you warm in winter, spring and autumn; in summer, it also can keep warm in cozy conditioning house.
  • The size of the blanket is large, hence it fits all including kids and adults.
  • It is open from back so that you can wear it without hassle.
  • Perfect blanket for photo shoots, binge and sleepovers.
  • To everybody you love, it must be a surprise! We also need a beautiful princess at home, are you still waiting for?MULTI FUNCTIONAL PURPOSE:The material is warm yet breathable, making it suitable for all seasons. Be it winters or an air conditioned room in summers.It’s a good choice for Christmas, Birthdays, New Year and many other gifting ideas.Use this blanket at sleepovers, in bed on a couch, in a car, camping, etc. Dream of being a mermaid anywhere.

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